Life Mage, Former Mossad


Age: 28
Hair/Eyes: Black/Brown
Race: Jewish
Nationality: Israeli
Height/Weight: 6’1", 185 lbs

Chayyim is moderately good looking, but not impressively so as to catch the attention of anyone. He is however socially very awkward and this causes him much difficulty at times. Chayyim moves with the kind of graceful and precise moves you might expect from an expert martial artist yet his Eurotrash style belies that and makes him seem less than threatening. Chayyim is usually smiling and soaking up life as it comes but is always vigilient in the protection of his friends. He is quite willing to go out of his way and put himself in danger to help those in his cabal.

Chayyim spying


Chayyim wanted to help others from an early age and always protected his weaker friends during school. Eventually this lead him to join the Israeli army where he quickly caught the attention of Mossad talent scouts. After joining Mossad and going on many successful missions, he was injured and in the process weakened to the point where he had to be discharged. During his convalesence, Chayyim vowed to regain the strength he had lost and during his time of recovery had many visions that led him to the Thyrsus Watchtower. Under certain threats from previous enemies, Chayyim moved across the pond to Boston where he was quickly matched with an up and coming Cabal who recognized his martial talents. Chayyim now sees himself as a protector of his cabal, much as he was Israel before and has done much self exploration to that end. To date he has helped to overcome a vampire and several evil spirits, while putting himself in harm’s way each time to help his brethren. He has recovered the strength he lost when injured and now hopes to go even further.


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