Professor Silver

Leader of the Sentinels of Wisdom


Height/Weight: 5’10’’/ 160lbs.
Hair/Eyes: None / Lavender
Skin: Pale

Path: Obrimos
Order: Free Council
Legacy: Hearld’s of the Power Cosmic

Professor Silver is currently the head of MIT’s theoretical physics department in Boston. He is a wealth of knowledge, and prone to engaging in long-winded conversations about physics. He has dedicated his entire life to the study of science such to an extent that he has a void of social skills. He is blind to the nuances of social interaction, has no concept of social tact, and is unaware of the emotions of others.

Professor Silver used theoretical physics to induce his own awakening. He belives “magic” is just an antiquated term for cosmic energy, and has renamed the quintessential essence of magic, “the power cosmic”.

He is truely and absend-minded genius.


Heralds of the Power Cosmic

“Herald, prepare yourself! Prepare to be reborn!”

Throughout history physics and mysticism have feuded over where fiction and fantasy begin, and where truth ends. Scientific theories have risen and fallen, but quantum theory is still an integral part of creation.
The Heralds of the Power Cosmic legacy is rooted in the enigmatic quantum theory. Heralds consider the brilliant magnificence of the realm of Aether to be the building blocks of where the universe began in an unfathomable explosion of cosmic energy. Thus, the awakening is merely conceiving the omnipresent cosmic energy and how to manipulate it. Via their studies, the heralds believe they have uncovered the truth about the origins of magic.
Parent Path: Obrimos
Nickname: Einsteins
Orders: The majority of the Heralds come from the ranks of the Free Council. With science as a foundation for understanding of the power cosmic, the Free Council welcomes the Heralds and their unique interpretation of the awakening.
The remaining Atlantean orders are less comfortable with the Heralds perspective on the “power cosmic” and its basis on quantum physics. The Guardians of the Veil keep an eye on the Heralds, least their exploits reveal too much to the sleepers.
Appearance: Heralds care little for appearance as it is irrelevant to the study of science. Thus, a wide array of physical features are possible for an individual. However, the stereotypical “lab nerd”, is a common look for a herald. Many Heralds have almost obsessive idiosyncrasies, speak above the common man with scientific terms, or mirror the habits of the “absent-minded genius”.
Background: All Heralds need to comprehend the intricacies of quantum physics, so higher education is the norm. Many come from upper-middle class families, and prodigal geniuses are typical in their ranks.
Organization: Due to the legacy’s modernistic youth, the Heralds have yet to formulate their organization. However, because they’re established on scientific doctrine, it’s postulated that their organization will be based on democracy and an academic model.
Suggested Obligations: Mathematical proofs, predicated on quantum physics and their manifestation through the user that are validated through scientific experimentation. Meditations and mantras grounded in quantum mechanics, and visualization of the outcome and distinguishing via extensive formulas. The crafting of quantum models or documents that help the common man conceptualize quantum theory.
Concepts: Theoretical physicists, quantum physicists, and those with a truly noble soul


Prime, also known as “the power cosmic” to the Heralds, is the fundamental source of energy in the universe. Energy can neither be destroyed nor created, and is also true for the power cosmic. Most purists also study forces, matter, space, and time, as they are the original basis for which quantum theory emerged. Even though Prime is the source of “cosmic Energy” a thorough conceptualization of Mind is demanded since it is the road to understanding the precepts of the Heralds and physics. All Heralds need a working knowledge of physics and are required to have a minimum of 3 in science.

1st: Soul of Nobility
Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Prime 2, Mind 1(primary), science 3

For the Heralds, in order to attain mastery, the power cosmic, one must truly comprehend and be able to internally safeguard its source.
The power of the mind is the key to unraveling the mysteries of the power cosmic. To facilitate this task, a Herald can split his/her consciousness into two similar to the Mind 1 spell, “one mind two thoughts” (pg.206). In addition, a Herald has strengthened their resolve against the power cosmic similar to the prime 2 spell magic shield (pg.222). This attainment is always active costs zero mana, and has an indefinite duration.

2nd: Sentinel’s Wrath
Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Mind 3, Prime 3, science 4

Now the Herald has unlocked further secrets of the Power Cosmic with his/her mind and can channel it into two simultaneous destructive blasts combining the mind 3 spell “multi-tasking” (pg.211) and the prime 3 spell “celestial fire” (pg.224). This attainment costs zero mana and the damage can be upgraded as per the spell. If the Herald opts to use two blasts at the same time, he/she does not get a defense bonus for the round. If two separate targets are selected, then each blast is subjected to a –2 penalty.

3rd: Cosmic Awareness
Prerequisites: Gnosis 7, Mind 4, Prime 4, science 5

At this level the Herald is connected to the power cosmic on a grand scale. The Herald has assimilated enough knowledge that he/she can boost two mental attributes similar to the mind 4 spell “supreme augmentation” (pg.216). When this attainment is gained, the Herald must choose two attributes (intelligence, wits, resolve, composure) that he/she wishes to concentrate the cosmic awareness on. Once selected, the attributes cannot be changed. To gain the boost thereafter, a Herald performs an instant action to channel the power cosmic and his/her mind dots are added to the chosen attributes. In addition, the Herald’s mind has become so creative, that he/she can summon the power cosmic to create nearly anything imaginable similar to the prime 4 spell “phantasmal weapon” (pg.227)

Professor Silver

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